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We are charity/ non-profit/ fundraising/ NGO organizations. Our charity activities are taken place around the world,let contribute to them with us by your hand to be a better life.

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Letter from Founder Ali Manek

This letter was written by founder Ali Manek 6 months after starting Our Village; An organization that was founded on the bases of direct donations and being the change you want to see in the world! 
Dear Friends,


Story of the Rich and Homeless

The Rich and the Homeless – A Story from the Streets of India
During my visit to India in January 2006, I spent one week in Delhi, the capital, while volunteering at a small local orphanage and working for the Muhammad Abbas Foundation. One evening, I visited Jamma


Water For Shelina

There are many regions where life of people at there is very difficult. They need more help from us.


Current Projects

Raise your funds for a cause that you care

Why Choose Us

Our Village send our own team of volunteers to the ground to make sure that your donations are reaching those it was intended to reach as quickly and effectively as possible.
Many organizations provide emergency relief, as does Our Village. But what a lot of organizations forget is that after the emergency is an extremely difficult "Recovery & Rehabilitation" period. Our Village invests in local economies to help rebuild villages and actively engages the local population be play a role in their recovery.
Our Village is comprised of a team of passionate humanitarians who volunteer their time to help the organization make a difference. With the volunteers, both at home and abroad, Our Village can truely be the small charity that is making a BIG difference.

Volunteer Testimonials

Chad Wonnacott
I donate towards Our Village because I know that they will do everything possible to get my donation into the communities that need it most.
Laura Deitz
Our Village actually does make a difference around the world and for that, we are proud to be associated with them!
Katen Chander
Volunteering with a principle based organisations like Our Village really inspires me to continue to contribute towards helping others!
Ben Barocas
Volunteering with Our Village gave me the opportunity I was looking for which was going to areas where other volunteers would hardly have the chance to go to.

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