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Who We Are


Our Village was founded in 2005 in Toronto, Canada, and has worked in over 11 countries, including the Philippines, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Tanzania. In addition to traditional disaster relief and humanitarian aid, we focus on long-term relief by injecting money into the local economy through co-op projects, micro-finance loans and other projects with the belief that "if we can help rebuild their economy, they can play an active role in the recovery process.


The World is Our Village (“Our Village”) is an independent non-governmental charity which works primarily in areas affected by humanitarian disasters. Our Village provides youth and volunteers the opportunity to travel and work alongside communities in sustainable disaster relief efforts. We believe this opportunity is critical for young people to raise awareness of global and social issues and shape the next generation of leaders.

Our Village partners with experienced grassroots organisations and local NGOs to ensure assistance delivered is responsible and sustainable for the recipient community. We believe that communities, leaders, and individuals must play an active role in recovery and rebuilding efforts in areas affected by a disaster; it is our aim to provide support to enable these communities to become economically, socially, and politically stable in the months following a major crisis. By working on the ground alongside members of the community, Our Village ensures that the money donated to us is used in the most efficient and effective way possible, maximizing the benefit for the recipient community. By purchasing supplies and relief equipment locally, we support renewal of the local economy in sustainable and meaningful ways.

Mission Statement

• To provide relief for children and adults in developing nations affected by crisis and disaster, or who are struggling against deprivations caused by severe poverty.
• To facilitate volunteer projects for youth in developing nations working collectively with partner organizations.
• To undertake relief and rehabilitation programs in developing nations.
• To co-operate with organizations having similar aims and objectives.
• To help people regardless of colour, creed, ethnicity or religion.
• To use resources in the most efficient way.
• To reflect the local vision of development.
• To provide direct, effective, and efficient assistance where it is most needed.

How we work

Our Village has coined the phrase "Direct Donations" where we litterally take donations received directly into the affected areas. We like to think of it like our donors are their themselves handing out funds towards worthy projects that meet the sustainability critieria we set out.

Meet Our Team

Our Village is comprised of a team of passionate humanitarians who volunteer their time

Khatija Ladha
Support Staff
Support Staff
Mohammed Punjani
Support Staff