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Skip a Meal – Build a Well

So the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan is here – Muslim go without food and water from sunrise to sunset – we practice self-control, patience and reflect a lot on all the things we take for granted – like food and water.
Not eating does save a lot of money during the month. So why don’t we all collectively try to “Skip a Meal” during the month – the money saved can be donated towards building a water well in a rural community in Africa.
So here is the challenge – for the next 28 days – nominate 3-5 people you know (who may or may not already be fasting) and ask them to skip a meal – and if they can, donate about $10 towards the building of a well. If we collectively skip 200 meals – at roughly $10 a meal in savings, we’ll have the $2000 required to build a well!
Send you donations (and share the fundraiser) at http://www.skipameal.ca/
The wells will be built in Uganda and facilitated by Our Village – a Canadian based charity (founded by me, Ali Manek) in 2005. We have built a number of wells over the years through our amazing partnerships on the ground in Uganda and other parts of Africa.
Our Village focuses on making sure that when a well is built, it provides relief for the ongoing drought in rural villages, all labour is locally sourced to help contribute towards the local economy and then training and education is provided to the community on how to maintain the well and use it for additional economic development in their community. Projects focus on women and entrepreneurship like teaching communities how to grow crops on their land and build a small business for themselves.


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