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Water For Shelina

In memory of Shelina Kermalli (Devjee), we are raising money to build water wells in East Africa.

Shelina was tragically taken away from us in June 2016 leaving behind her husband and three children. She was an amazing, kind hearted and genuine person who helped both inside and outside the community. Although her time with us was short, she touched many lives and the work she has done for others will never be forgotten.

Providing water to those in need is a deed filled with blessing and supporting this cause will not only provide you with those rewards, but they will also be shared with our sister and friend Shelina.

Our goal is to build three wells in honor of Shelina Kermalli (Devjee) and will be dedicated in the following way:
Well #1: Marhuma Shelina Kermalli
Well #2: Kamilah, Hasan, Zahra (Children of Mohammed and Marhuma Shelina Kermalli)
Well #3: Marhum Husayn (Son of Muhammed and Shelina Kermalli)

Millions of people lack clean water around the world. Many people are forced to live in unsanitary conditions; the spread of disease is rapid; and hundreds of thousands of women are marginalized as they spend their entire day fetching water.

In 2009, Our Village, a charity based in Canada, partnered with local companies in East Africa to help build wells in the most pressing areas.

Building a well in a village provides much more than clean drinking water and more sanitary conditions. Our Village helps use these new wells to empower local women, jumpstart co-op village economies, and provide new and inspiring opportunities for women, men, children and their neighbors. For more information about Our Village Water Well Projects, please visit the Our Village Well’s Campaign Page.